favorite dishes

The Ben Roll

Shrimp Tempura and Cucumber inside; topped with Spicy Tuna, Avocado, and colorful Tobiko. Beautiful!

Tuna Amazing

Pepper tuna, avocado, and cream cheese inside, tuna with spicy sauce on top.

East Longmeadow Roll

Eel tempura, Avocado, and cream cheese inside; topped with Lobster Salad, Masago, Scallion, and crunch!

The Hurricane

Salmon and red snapper with special sauce inside avocado wrap.

Sake Maki

Tempura salmon and avocado inside, crab meat and tobiko on top.

Seafood Ceviche

Tuna, Salmon, and Yellow Tail layered with onion, mango, and masago. Delicious!

Sashimi Deluxe

Squid Salad

General Tso

General Tso's Combination Platter

Tuna Tulips

Love Boat

Vegetable Noodles